Audio Call

Audio call is a feature for making free calls to people in your directory.

All calls are free when made using Wi-Fi. Audio Calls made with data are subjected to charges based on the mobile plan subscribed with your personal mobile carrier.

Note: You can’t access 995 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp. You must make alternative communication arrangements to make emergency calls.

How can I start an Audio Call?

1.) Select Directory or Tap the phone icon on the top right corner in the main page

2.) Locate the person you wish to call in the directory list 

3.) Tap the name of the person to open their contact and action menu

4.) Select “Audio Call” to start the call


If you are already engaging in a chat with the person. 

1.) Tap the phone icon at the top right corner of the conversation

2.) Tap on “Call” when asked for confirmation

Note: Group call is not supported at the moment

Which version of Tok-Tok! should I download to enjoy the Audio Call feature?

Tok-Tok! application version 2.0 and above support this feature.

Can I answer a regular phone call when Audio Call is in use?

It is not possible to be on Audio Call and regular phone call at the same time as the built-in microphone on device can only be used for one function at a time. If a regular phone call is answered during Audio Call, Audio Call will terminate automatically.

Why am I experiencing issues with my Audio Call?

The quality of your call may be affected when the network connection (eg. Mobile Data connection, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection, etc) is weak or when you are moving.  When the network connectivity is poor, the call may also drop.

To address issues with your Audio Call, you may also try the following:

Move to a location to that provides your device a stronger network signal for the respective network connection that you are using (eg. Mobile data connection, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection, etc)

Check that your Network Router Firewall settings are not blocking connections for Audio Voice Calls.

Close any applications that could be affecting your call. These include battery saving apps, open web browsers, video streaming, audio streaming, file sharing apps; which are using up network bandwidth and device memory. Older devices and older operating systems may not optimize bandwidth across apps and device memory as efficiently as the newer devices and newer operating systems.

Update to the latest version. We are always working to improve on the Audio Call quality, both you and the person that you are connecting with, should be using the latest version. The latest version can be found on the Apple Store and on the Google Play Store.